MRI Scanning

High quality, fast diagnostic MRI imaging is available at
Macqueens in Devizes EVERY WEDNESDAY.

Magnetic Resonance Imaging

You have probably found some instances where conventional radiography is just not enough to be confident with a diagnosis. High-quality MR imaging is easily available here at Macqueens. We have partnered with Burgess Diagnostics to make 1T and 1.5T imaging readily accessible.

The vehicle is staffed by an experienced radiographer and scans can be interpreted immediately or forwarded to an RCVS Specialist, where necessary.

Ian has over 19 years of experience with MRI and can usually provide the diagnosis on-the-spot and request the appropriate sequences. Intravenous contrast agents can be given to enhance certain lesions. Where necessary the images will be reported by an RCVS Specialist.

Patients are given a light general anaesthetic, before being transferred to the scanner. They are accompanied by a nurse at all times and the vehicle is equipped with anaesthetic and monitoring equipment.

Usually, clients with animals for scanning will have a consultation with Ian before the procedure and another consult to explain the results. Ian is also available to perform biopsies, fluid sampling or surgery if found to be appropriate.

If you wish, we are willing to perform scans on a purely out-patient basis, without Ian’s involvement beyond the requirements of the anaesthetic. You will receive a full report from an RCVS Specialist.

Why choose an MRI?

Magnetic Resonance Imaging or MRI is common-place in human medicine. It is unparalleled in the investigation of soft tissues due to its superior contrast sensitivity and tissue discrimination.

This, combined with imaging in any plane and without the hazards of X-radiation, makes MRI the optimum method of investigation in many clinical cases.

For accurate diagnosis and lesion localisation, MRI is now the imaging modality of choice in all neurological, joint and spinal disease processes.

  • Images in multiple planes
  • Images of the highest quality and clarity
  • Totally non-invasive: no use of radiation
  • Safe, affordable and readily accessible
  • Superb diagnostic tool with a wide range of applications:
    • Brain: epilepsy, encephalitis, neoplasia etc.
    • Spine: paralysis/paresis, syringomyelia, meningitis
    • Joints
    • Oncology: detection and surgical planning
    • Foreign body localisation

This invaluable diagnostic tool has been available at Macqueen’s since 2000 and we look forward to working with you soon.

Becky Referrals with dog
To book your scan, call Becky, our Senior Referral nurse on 01380 728505 or email